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Aug 07, 2011

Design Sojourn is an official Design Facilitator for the Design Engage Programme.

The Design Engage programme is a national program that encourages small to medium sized businesses in Singapore to adopt design driven innovation as a strategic competitive advantage for their business growth both locally and/or globally.

As no two companies are the same in their needs and objectives, Design Sojourn has achieved success through a customized Design Thinking program delivered in a low risk low cost consulting environment. Through a rigorous application of our Design Methodology (more info below), Design Sojourn works with and helps business leaders and senior executives formulate winning commercial strategies and actionable solutions for their businesses.

This is Design Thinking and Design Driven Innovation applied, and where it can do its best work for you.

Programme Synopsis

Orbital Process Version 4

Design Sojourn’s award winning strategic Orbital Process is the design methodology that underpins our Design Engage facilitation activities. The following phases are:

1) Vision: We ask what is the big idea? Through this “big idea”, we determine the proposition and strategy.

2) Discover: In this phase we deep dive into our client’s DNA, identify their needs and objectives, and understand their customers and stakeholders through observation and research.

3) Define: Through synthesizing and reframing, we create a design framework that sets the tonality of the solution and maps the way forward for the design project.

4) Design: Through a number of activities such as brainstorming and ideation, rapid prototyping and validation, we move methodically towards the design solution.

If you run a business in Singapore and would like to have a chat with us on what Design Sojourn or The Design Engage program can do for your business, please do not hesitate to drop me an email, at brian [at] or by our contact page, for a free 1 to 1 clinic.

Businesses successfully accepted into the program can enjoy a funding of up to 70% of our Design Facilitator’s fees. (Terms and Conditions apply.)

The Design Engage program is owned and run by 3 government agencies in Singapore, namely The Design Singapore Council (for content), Spring Singapore (facilitation and funding) and IE Singapore (funding).

More detailed information on the Design Engage Program can be found at the Spring Singapore website.

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Shree Vella
Dec 11, 14 – 4:10 am

This is a fantastic program. My good friend went through it and it helped him so much.

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