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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Nov 23, 2008


Post originally published on May 27, 2006.
Edit 1: Updated with new written copy, updated links and images.

Squiggle by Damien Newman

Years ago…kidding, about 2 years ago I published this awesome little representation of the design process created by Damien Newman from Central Office of Design.

Lovingly called the “Squiggle”, it seems to have found a life of its own all over the place. Don’t you just love the Internet? Damien has since released it under a Creative Commons License.

We really need more of such design process diagrams or visualizations. It helps brings to the table a certain level of clarity and succinctness rarely seen in the difficult client education aspect of our design business. Thanks Damien!

Via Noise between Stations Blog.

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Nov 24, 08 – 12:07 am

that’s what i’m at right now
research part!

Dec 04, 08 – 12:48 pm

Hey fizhcake, hang in there yah! There is a light at the end of the tunnel or squiggle!

Sep 28, 11 – 4:35 am

L.o.v.e. this!
Thank you for communicating so succinctly what it is we do ;-)

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