Friend Wheel : A Visual Representation of How my Friends are Connected on Facebook

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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Jan 15, 2008



I’m always a sucker for cool graphical representations of data such as the Website Graph Generator. Thus one of my favourite reads is “Information Aesthetics“, a website focusing on such data visualizations.

Therefore I recently had a pleasant surprise when I discovered the Friend Wheel application on Facebook. How it works is that, firstly it gathers all your Facebook friends and how they are connected to each other. Next it then generates a cool graphical wheel that visually shows how we are all linked. Furthermore if you are a little more itchy, the application has the ability to switch data parameters and create a visual wheel for your Networks, and a selection of random or mutual friends. Do check it out for you Facebook addicts!

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Jan 16, 08 – 11:12 am

I agree this visualization is awesome. I will add it on facebook next time I log in! Have you tried 6 pli:
It is an awesome visualization tool for your delicious links!

Jan 16, 08 – 12:48 pm

Hi Cati,

So nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the wonderful link, and I will check it out!

Please keep in touch?

SEO News
Jan 19, 08 – 10:04 am

Here’s another visualization tool you and your readers might like:

Jan 22, 08 – 11:10 am

Hi SEO News,

Yes that is a good one too! Thanks for that and please keep in touch.

Oct 28, 12 – 8:17 pm

we want this back friend wheel it is fun finding out my friends names

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