iPoor T-Shirt

Jul 22, 2006

We are now SOLD OUT!

Gone, zip, nada, finito! Sorry!

The iPoor T-Shirt was featured in:

Engadget China:

They say that it’s looks cool and fashionable, for those who don’t want to spend $500 for a IPod Nano, you should consider this economic choice.

They also said that iPoor does not need battery and electricity and you don’t need to worry about whether it works or not.

It’s a good product and they urge people to buy one for themselves.

and Domain Magazine of the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Made of 100% Cotton at about 180grams weightage. Does shrink about 1% in the wash

Thats right people we are go-go-go! So dont get left out!

Design Sojourn will be doing a limited run of 50 White and 50 Black iPoor T-shirts.

We are more than 50% sold so why not confirm your order by clicking on the paypal link?

Scenario images
White Large

Black Medium

Some additional notes:
1) As the T-shirt is 100% cotton, it does shrink in the wash. After washing a few shirts, we tried them on and here are the results.

If you are 159cm, weight 50kg, waist 27″ then the S is comfortable and slightly baggy.

If you are 184cm, 80kg, with waist 32-33″ and the L fits just right, but it will not be baggy grunge style.

If you are 192cm, 100kg, and 36″ waist you will need to go with the XL. Again the fit just right.

Anyone larger will not be able to fit the XL size.

2) Finally please wash all the t-shirts before you wear them, especially the black. The black T-shirt’s color DOES run. So please soak for a bit before you wash it in the washing machine!

Buy iPoor : World-Wide Shipping

Price: USD $15
Shipping: USD $10 per T-shirt

Stock Avaliable (Updated Oct 26):SOLD OUT!

Buy iPoor : Shipping to Singapore Only

Price: USD $15
Shipping: USD $4.5 per T-Shirt

Stock Avaliable (Updated Oct 24):SOLD OUT!

Shipping & Handling

    1. Cost of shipping and handling is USD $10 per piece world-wide for up to 5 pieces. Anything more you probably want a bulk discount eh? So please contact me directly at: dt[at]designsojourn[dot]com

    2. Cost of shipping and handling to Singapore is USD $4.50 per shirt.

    3. World Wide shipping is via Standard Air Mail. Shipping in Singapore will be by Standard Local Mail.

    4. The T-Shirts are shipped in Rugged Padded Envelopes.

    5. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery.

    6. We inspect all products 110% to ensure the best quality in printing. However, if you are for some reason unhappy when you receive your purchase, please send an e-mail to dt[at]designsojourn[dot]com, for instructions on how to exchange your purchase.

    7. We are open to exchanges, for example, in instances of sizing problems. You can try the product on, but it should be returned in a new condition, in its original packaging, unworn and unwashed. All exchanges are subjected to management approval and may be subjected to a 20% processing fee of the original purchase of the product/s.

    8. Please also note all products purchased on this website are not refundable.

Otherwise thanks for your support and please do enjoy the product!

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L’iPod du pauvre…

L’iPod c’est mode, mais vous ne l’aimez pas ? Adoptez-le en t-shirt très “fashion” pour l’été ! Comptez 20$.

Page produit

via uberreview


Gunter Frischknecht
Jul 27, 06 – 1:37 pm

Could you let me know when your
ipod T shirts are available again. My daughter always wanted an Ipod!

Regards Gunter

Design Translator
Jul 27, 06 – 4:22 pm

Hi Gunter,

Thanks for your interests. Not a problem we should have some stock in about 3 weeks time. I will email you then.

Jul 28, 06 – 3:38 pm

just pre ordered 2 tees just can’t wait to get them
Great design!

Jul 28, 06 – 9:54 pm

i want to buy 2 tees,but i live in China(PRC),how can i buy it???

Design Translator
Jul 28, 06 – 11:12 pm

Hi Jennifer,
I have recieved your order thanks so much!

Hi Joe,
Its not problem we can send to China. Just click on the paypal icon and purchase it accordingly. The shipping cost is a fixed rate world wide, please do leave your address!

butterfly X Webdesign blog
Aug 01, 06 – 2:06 pm

iPod für Arme…

Ein iPod Nano von Apple ist schon ein echtes Statussymbol, aber was macht man, wenn man nicht das Geld für ein solches Spielzeug hat?
Genau, man kauft sich ein T-Shirt, dass so aussieht als ob man einen iPod Nano umhängen hätte:

ohne Worte!


Aug 07, 06 – 5:07 pm

i want

Aug 20, 06 – 11:24 pm

Hello, it’s a really good idea
got a question
When will you start accept the pre-order for XL Black iPoor T??


Design Translator
Aug 20, 06 – 11:44 pm

Hi bin,

Thanks for your comment. Actually to tell you the truth, the XL Black iPoor T is already sold out. We only have limited amounts of each sizes and colors.

We still have XL in white if you are still interested?

Design Translator
Oct 07, 06 – 8:43 am

We are almost sold out in black. I’m at the moment guaging interests for more black shirts.

If you are interested please leave me a note or email and if I get enought interested people I’ll make a reorder.

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Mar 19, 13 – 8:47 pm

Great idea!!! can you let me know when and if your get more iPoor shirts in

Sep 03, 13 – 1:00 am

Haha! Fantastic! The real face of I-products :) Why did’nt you resume “production”?

Shree Vella
Dec 11, 14 – 3:54 am

Maybe you could upload your design to Teespring or an online company like that – then you wont have to worry about selling out and still make some $$ :)

May 14, 15 – 8:15 pm

Will there be another Edition?


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