Samsung’s Design Aesthetic is Minimal Organic

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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Jul 10, 2013

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Samsung Design Aesthetic

I don’t make this kind of stuff up. According to Surface Magazine Asia:

Samsung’s aesthetic motto, Minimal Organic, is all about simplicity and a focus on softer features. The applies to small, mobile products, just as much as larger hardware like TV or speakers.

It looks like a pretty logical and obvious contrarian approach to the current “Minimal Geometric” aesthetic made popular by Apple. Looks like it’s working well for them, what do you think?

Via: Surface Magazine.

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Shree Vella
Dec 11, 14 – 4:04 am

Aesthetically yes, Samsung have done a nice job, however where they fall down compared to Apple is the feel and functionality of their products, especially the phones I am referring to.
Firstly the Samsung phones just dont feel as high quality as Apple’s, they kinda feel lightweight, like a toy and they could easily break – whereas Apples products feel more solid and safe. Secondly, and this may have something to do with the different OS’s – Apples phones are just more fluid in their scrolling than the Samsung phone (amongst other things) and over time, though it seems to be a minor thing, it leaves the impression to the user that Apples phones just work better and are are more superior.

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