Mar 14, 2010

“We checked out Spaces-for-Ideas and we are digging it!” Feng Zhu, founder of FZD School of Design

Spaces for Ideas is a brand of self-produced and bespoke designed range of creative stationary and sketchbooks. Please follow the links to the specific product pages for more information. Please do not hesitate to email me at brian [at] or leave a comment below if you need anything?

1) Expandable Sketchbook

2) Story Book (in development)

3) Iteration Book (in development)

4) Elastic Bookmark (in development)

Please comeback and visit Design Sojourn for information on all new products in development.

“I adore this!!!!!!!” Pat Law, Boss Lady at Goodstuph

For more details of our Pricing, Shipping and Handling Policies check out our dedicated Shipping and Handling Information page.

About the Brand

Spaces for Ideas is a revolutionary stationary brand, that aims to bring you well designed, uncomplicated, and innovative documenting solutions that makes sense. We rethink and reinvent sketchbooks.

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[…] an additional 15% pre-order discount. This means each sketchbook now costs $12.75 and $51 for 5! [ Buy it Here […]

[…] longer just an idea. Brian is developing this idea right now and you can per-order your own “Spaces For Ideas” sketchbook now. It’s only $12.75 for one and $51 for 5 sketchbooks. It’s a total […]

[…] 您是一名画家?设计师?喜欢素描?那您一定需要这一一个“记事本”。当灵感到来的时候,不必再为找不到工具而苦恼,打开“记事本”,马上将灵感记录在上面吧。因为这不是一个普通的“记事本”,打开之后,您会发现这其实是一张很不错的素描纸,只是已经被折叠到一个“记事本”体积的大小。坚硬的外皮足以保护素描纸的安全,而且这种“记事本”有很多种叠法,以满足您不同的需求。要制作出这样的“记事本”,看起来容易,其实这里面还是蛮有学问的呢,例如:纸张的选择,和用什么样的叠法可以更加满足自己对纸张大小、形状的需求。下面让我们一起来看看这家designsojourn公司吧,他们已经将这款“记事本”列为产品,并接受预订。有兴趣的朋友可以去看看。 […]

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Apr 06, 10 – 1:19 am

[…] weeks of painful research and prototyping, the Spaces for Ideas sketchbook was born and is now available for pre-order at a fairly reasonable price of […]

Hello and Welcome! | Spaces for Ideas
Apr 27, 11 – 10:38 pm

[…] do check out our awesome range of creative stationary and sketchbooks that we hope you will love as much as we do! Just one more thing, do not hesitate to email us at […]

Caroline Bannon
Jan 27, 14 – 5:00 pm


I would love to purchase an A4 accordian black presentation album sketchbook, with linen hardcover , and possible presentation box.

Purpose: I wish to go to an island, create sketches, photos and architectural drawings, fix them to the A4 pages, and create a long joined presentation board for my Clients…. possibly in a gift box with ribbon.

In addition, I would love it if you could consider how to make the Canon IP 100 portable photographic printer, A3, by extending its width by approx 100mm…. to take to the island, for bigger presentations

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