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Sep 16, 2010

“I keep different notebooks for different things…a little black book recording ideas for a future film…a white notebook for notes…and the Spaces for Ideas sketchbooks, perfect for collecting random sketches and original thoughts with it’s expandable pages and handy size.”
~ Jackson Tan, partner of :phunk and creative director of Black Design

The Spaces for Ideas Expandable Sketchbook is perfect for cataloging and documenting your “big” ideas. The Sketchbook comes in a very portable A6 size (14.8cm high and 12.5cm wide including the spine) and each of its 5 pages expands into a generous A3 size. The design of the sketchbook is kept intentionally minimal and clean, so that you can assign each sketchbook to a single project or activity.

This product is lovingly hand made and assembled in Singapore.

Images of original art courtesy of Tan Lun Cheak.

“I like the paper quality. Perfect. The paper is just the right thickness, so I can fold them anyway without damage to the drawings. Initially, I thought the sketch book was a little small. But after working with it, I think it’s just the right size.”
~ Tan Lun Cheak, Illustrator and Product Designer.

Click on the image for a larger picture.

• (H x W) 14.8cm x 12.5cm (including the spine)
• 1.2cm thick
• Each page unfolds and expands into a generous A3 size (H X W) 29.7cm x 42cm.
• Each page is made from 100 gsm environmentally friendly paper which is Chlorine free and certified with an ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard.
• The cover is made from 100% recycled paper and chipboard.

• USD$13 for 1
• USD$52 for 5 (5 Sketchbooks for the price of 4)
• Wholesale Concession rates for bulk purchases (20 or more). Please contact me for details.


International or Worldwide:
• USD$6 per sketchbook
• USD$25 for 5 sketchbooks

Shipping to Singapore:
• USD$2.50 per sketchbook
• USD$8.50 for 5 sketchbooks

Buy it NOW, via Paypal, at our Design Sojourn Store.

Shipping and Handling Policy

For more details of our Pricing, Shipping and Handling Policies check out our dedicated Shipping and Handling Information page.

About the Design of the Expandable Sketchbook

I have a complete write up on how I developed the Expandable sketchbook and took it to the finish line here at Design Sojourn. If you are interested for the details, please do check out the following links:

1) Spaces for Ideas: The Beginning

2) Spaces for Ideas: The First Prototype

3) Spaces for Ideas: The Brand

4) Spaces for Ideas: The Final Prototype

Note: This product is Design Protected (RD-E0000009931P).

Image courtesy of Kara Pecknold.

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[…] should buy them now at the Expandable Sketchbook product page.[…]

Sep 25, 10 – 11:21 am

let’s be straight here. the only possible benefit of having this is large drawing area in a portable format. Yet because of the fold lines, users will have to draw within the lines. You can witness that in your examples you posted as well. This effectively made “bigger” drawing area redundant. This is at best a gimmick.
I have to apologize if i’m being too critical, there’s nothing i hate more than drawing on folded papers. I can only imagine it being so much harder to draw on now with the thickness of the book.

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Oct 13, 10 – 11:52 am

5 pages is not that many and not a lot to be give for the price.

Oct 13, 10 – 12:18 pm

Also can you add the paper weight and samples of the paper using watercolor, marker, different inks.

Design Translator
Oct 13, 10 – 4:35 pm

@ExcaliburZ: You know what? The paper weight information got lost in the information transfer. I’ll get it up asap. Thanks for highlighting it.

This Sketchbook is not designed for wet media. For inks and markers you can view the images above. If you are interested in more information do check out my original story about how this design came about.


This should also answer your question about why we did not go past 5 pages.

@Bill: Thanks for your feedback, and not a problem about you being critical. I encourage it! Personally I don’t have a problem with the folds, and not Lun Cheak (see above) as well. Not even the 100s of people who bought this sketchbook. I don’t pretend to design something for everyone, this Expandable sketchbook is meant for certain types of sketchbook activity which may or may not appeal to you. By the way, sorry for the late reply.

Jan 25, 11 – 10:48 am

I ordered this sketchbook a few days ago and am very excited to use it! It looks like a beautifully designed book. I didn’t receive any estimated delivery date, however, or any way to track my package. Is there some way I could receive this information? I am in the southern United States.

Jan 25, 11 – 11:59 am

Hi Sonia,

Thank you for your order.

I can confirm receiving it. Details of our shipping and handling policy can be found here: http://www.designsojourn.com/spaces-for-ideas-store/shipping-and-handling-information/

I’ll drop you an email when I send it out. It will likely be at the end of this week.

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