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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Mar 14, 2007

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A cool name of a fascinating site on the web’s most anticipated Web 2.0 applications based on who has bookmarked it on (god that is a web address I can never remember).

The Museum of Modern Betas has a nice list of who and what and when and why (you get the picture) of the Web 2.0. Exciting trend spotting if you are interested in where the web is moving towards. Here are my favourites Scrybe (the most kick-ass personal digital assistant), Virtual Ubiquity (an online word processor!), Papervision 3D, Openserving, Crowdspirit and Xindesk.

As people are starting to understand the Web 2.0 a lot of practical applications, that take advantage of the sharing and cross-talking advantages of Web 2.0, are starting to appear. For example Scrybe and Zoho-notebook. But as you can see probably about half of the applications on the list are actually either similar to, copies of, or an alternative to each other or already existing sites.

They all claim they can do the same job but better. I don’t know in terms of product innovation, will incremental improvements really get you market share? As Guy Kawasaki mentioned in his “The art of creating a community”, the product is the key and it has to be good. Moreover with Web 2.0 technology, who ever controls the community has the power, especially when owning a community also equals money. Thus, for example, I’m doubtful that Technoraki could put a dent into all the other blog ranking (Technorati?) sites out there (I have been proven wrong, but only time will tell).

However the great thing about the internet is there is nothing stopping you from signing up. So I’ll be checking all of them out and you should too!

Edit: Added link to Mr Kawasaki. Gosh that guy (no pun intended) must be my MLB, Most Linked to Blogger!

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