There must be a better way?

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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Jun 07, 2006


HTML is something that I have been bitching about for the longest time. I am not the only one.
While Guy Kawasaki struggles with HTML, he quotes Steve Jobs

“There must be a better way.”

I nod my head in agreement. Thats whe main reason I waffled from Xanga to Blogspot to Xanga to Blogspot and now finally settled with WordPress. I just could not handle HTML.
With WordPress is a lot easier but I’m still faced with this HTML and like Guy, I feel there must be some way to figure out this thing? Even this CSS is total garble to me.

I mean would it not be a great idea to write code in plain simple English?

I tell you it’s a conspiracy in the deepest ranks of computer programmers. I just don’t get it. Why can’t we type a simple code like:

Paragraph = width 2/3 of window resolution
All Links = black color, don’t underline

Anyways I discovered this cool plug-in called Web Developer 1.02 for most of you who I’m sure are using Firefox. This little plug-in is a tool that allows you to open the CSS of your page and tweak it and modify the page layout on the fly till your hearts content. After that download the CSS style sheet and upload it to your server. Its got a lot of other stuff too which are beyond my simple understanding, but this little feature is just priceless!

Direct firefox link

Homepage link

PS: Anybody know how to create that cute little logo next to your URL on you web browser’s address bar?

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Jun 10, 06 – 1:51 pm

I think you’ll find your answer is the favicon: HTML-kit: favicons. Gives you the code, too.

But if you’re like me and less interested in photos and more with text, you can try the antifavicon, which is really just a regular favicon.

Design Translator
Jun 10, 06 – 5:20 pm

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the lead!

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