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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Mar 07, 2013

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This is interesting.

On the 5th of March, Marriott International launched their MOXY brand of hotels at the Berlin International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF). It is their first entry into the economy (read budget) 3 start hospitality segment that will span 150 Hotels in 10 Countries Across Europe.

Ooh looks nice and geeky!

Targeting the new up and coming millennial traveler, the Moxy brand combines “contemporary stylish design, approachable service and, most importantly, an affordable price”. Check out the press release below which I have extracted only the good parts:

“MOXY HOTELS is the essence of the next generation traveler, not only Gen X and Y but people with a younger sensibility, for whom contemporary style is paramount,” said Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International. “Every aspect of the hotel was thoughtfully researched and crafted to reflect and deliver on the changing lifestyles and expectations of this fast-growing customer segment.

MOXY HOTELS has been in development for nearly two years. Marriott, together with Nordic Hospitality, has conducted extensive consumer research across Europe including construction of sample rooms for focus group studies.

According to Ramesh Jackson, brand vice president of MOXY HOTELS, “No design element was too small to test with these tech-savvy consumers. We learned that these confident explorers are wildly self-sufficient, but still want a chance to connect with each other in inviting social spaces in person or digitally. Based on the concept test results we believe MOXY HOTELS will revolutionize the industry.”

The contemporary and stylish 150- to 300-room MOXY HOTELS…will cater to today’s budget-minded, savvy travellers who thrive on self-service and embrace new technology. Guestrooms will be functional and well-designed, with upscale bath amenities, large flat screen televisions and built-in USB ports located within each wall socket.

MOXY HOTELS will feature adaptable public spaces for guests to relax and socialize offering healthy continental breakfast and an evening bar featuring wines by the glass and local brews. In addition, hotels will have two “Plug and Meet” meeting spaces on the lobby level designed with modern ergonomic seating, large writing walls and 56-inch televisions for presentation projection. The lobby will boast state-of-the art computers and 24/7 market featuring snacks and drinks.

Guests will enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, and may opt to check in using their mobile devices.

The MOXY HOTELS sounds like a well-researched hit, and probably the result of a great Design Thinking program. However do ask yourself, how is it that a 3-Star hotel can offer so much, and that a 5-Star hotel, say the Marriott, can’t even offer something like Wi-Fi for free? So then my next question would be, why would I even bother with a 5-Star hotel?

This is a great start, but I believe (and know) there is a lot more that can be done in the hospitality industry.

Via: Marriott

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Jul 05, 13 – 3:42 am

Great post. There is indeed a lot of work to be done:)

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