Why You Should Always Determine Your Own Design Schedule?

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Written by Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)
Jun 02, 2008

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Watts Humphrey, who retired from IBM in 1980, once led Big Blue’s software development. His group “who had never before made a delivery schedule, did not miss a date for the next two and a half years.” Here is a persuasive list of bullet points from one of his presentations (courtesy of Scott Rosenberg, founder of Salon):

-Unless you are independently wealthy, you must work to a schedule
-If you don’t make your own schedule, someone else will.
-Then that person will control your work.

Always know almost implicitly how long you will take to do a design and let everyone know ASAP. If not, decide very quickly, or someone else will decide for you. Trust me, you will never like the result if someone does so.

A designer in motion, keeps in motion and his job.

Quote Via: Four Hour Work Week

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Jun 02, 08 – 5:34 pm

Dead on! Never give away control over your own project, this will turn you in a helpless victim ruled by others.

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